Back to School with Ellie & Mac

39814264_10156458004276006_7117527920695836672_o   Does it look like we’re getting ready to come back to school? Yeah… and this means vacation are over. September is the month of new beginnings here at my house. You see, my three kids go back to school… but so do I. I’m a teacher and that means I go through all the process to get ready for school as well.

The “Sitting Pretty top” by Ellie and Mac seemed to be the perfect choice because there is this pattern for women and girls. Check the bundle here.

This top features a lovely collar neckline and has four sleeve options.
You can wear it casual or more formal depending on the fabric you use. For my girl’s first back to school I chose a cotton knit that will remember her of summery colourful days. It’s blue and pink, it has flowers and my girl loves it.


It is also light weighted so it will be perfect to wear with a cardigan when days get a little fresh.
This pattern is already one of our favorites here.
83_Sitting_Pretty_bundle_v2_largeI’m already making plans to cut two more and make the 3/4 sleeves become long ones. I’ll probably make them a bit looser too. This top is fitted and sleeves match it. My girl is a bit chubby, so I’ll make some grading next time to get her some roomier sleeves.

Now, about the women’s version:
I made size L for me, but the size range goes from XXS till 4X which is pretty good I think. No alterations here. However, do remember of what I said above about this being a more fitted top… Measure yourself well and if you like to have some extra ease around, adjust the pattern to your likes.
Just like the one for the girls, the women’s top has 4 types of sleeve and it’s easy to add some extra inches and make a long version sleeve.
I L-O-V-E the collar! Oooh… it’s awesome on both girl’s and women!
All in all, I made both tops in about 1 hour and a half… probably took me 45 minutes to sew each top from pattern cutting till finishing the hem.

More tips to sew this top:

  • like with any other knit, don’t stretch it while sewing.
  • use a jersey needle.
  • follow the instructions accurately.
  • don’t use your good fabric if you’re not sure about the size. Remember kids are always growing… and measure twice, cut once!Check the measurements chart:
  • use a four way stretch knit for the collar. It does make a difference.
  • More fabric recommendation: cotton lycra, double brushed poly, stretch velvet, french terry, etc…

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