Let’s sew together…

When I first started to write this post, I didn’t know exactly where or how to start… Emotions and thoughts were all scrambled and it wasn’t easy to lign them up. Eventually I just started to write and let ideas flow, so this will be a post about sewing, yes… a pattern release, yes… but with a specific thought in mind: getting your attention to our kids daily problems/situations!
Keep on Reading and you’ll see what I mean…

keep on readingSome time ago I wrote a blog post about how sewing was more than just that (check it here). To me sewing has always been something emotional. Whether it is because you’re sad or angry or you just need to focus on something to let it all out… There were times on which my husband said he’d only come near when the pedal is less noisy… it means I’ve calmed down… lol

I mean… I remember my mother copying Burda patterns in our living room table while I was playing underneath. I remember when I started to pick up the small pieces of fabric that fell from the table and hand sewing them around my dolls waist. I have some pretty special memories sewing related…468c300136ac1c4e589eea7886adb1a7

So when Ann (from Designer Stitch) came up with the idea of us sewing together with our daughters, I jumped right in! The possibility of sewing with my daughter and building memories with her… Yes!!… 

We were then introduced to Lily wrap skirt – a reversible skirt with a twist that both me and my girl loved… and that is now on sale (graaab it… click on the link)

Lily Wrap Skirt has an a-line design and crosses over at the front by wrapping itself, embracing our waist. It can be reversed by swinging it around and featuring the fabric you feel like showing off that day… or night.
This is a beginner friendly pattern and it was developed to be the first of the “Let’s sew Together” series – in Ann’s words: “…a tool for an experienced sew’ist to teach/sew with a novice or beginner sew’ist”.

let´s sew together

It was perfect to sew with my daughter.
We taped and copied the pattern, cut it in paper, chose fabric (she likes dark fabrics while I love colourful and bright ones) and cut again… We had fun sewing. It was the first time I let her use my beloved Bernina.
I found out that she’s quite good sewing: straight lines, curves, top stitching, adding velcro… and she’s fast, too. She really surprised me!
It was a very fun process and we were really bonding as you can see through the photos… until she mentioned bullying. I don’t remember how or why it was brought up, but that was a wake up call… my daughter was trying to tell me something!!!

“I had tried to tell you before…” – she said…
In my head there were so many thoughts: She’s my daughter…  we have a good mother/daughter relationship… how’s it possible? How could I have missed this???… – so many red flags all over…
In tears, she finally told me everything: the bullies were from her own class which hurt her even more because all the kids know each other since they were 5 years old. She was overwhelmed by how they were able to do this to her. In her mind they were supposed to be her friends. After talking to her, she agreed to report the situation to the school’s board (which we did as a family, she was not alone in this and it was important that she felt it). My daughter is a beautiful girl with good marks at school and a family that loves her and gives her stability. She knows bullies are only jealous people, sad in their own lives.

The situation had an happy ending because it was solved with the help of the school’s board and the kids talked among themselves in front of their families… letting it all out!

All this made me think about how much we should be aware of our kids’ daily lives.

Mothers… parents in general… if you took a moment to read my post and think about your kids… my goal was achieved! Keep your eyes wide open… Talk to your kids every day… Don’t just ask “How was your day?” – Be specific. Things like “what did you have for lunch today?” or “who sits by your side in Math?” will make your kid stay away of yes or no answers and eventually you’ll get to know more of your kid’s daily routine.

Find a Project that you can make together! The “Let’s Sew Together” sewing project was perfect for us! Maybe it’s good for you too…

These kind of projects bring us closer and gives them the chance to talk more about themselves… and to improve a skill that sometimes is forgotten: sewing!

Here are some photos of our sewing moments!

When we got the skirts done, my girl asked me:
“Mom, say thanks to Ann for me. She helped me more than she will ever know!… (she smiled)… When’s her next sewing together project?”

Pattern: Lily wrap skirt (on sale now)
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This post contains affiliate links which means the price of the patterns and/or fabric stays the same for you, but I’ll get a small percentage if you buy through my links. 






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