2021 Zero Waste Mini Collection Blog Tour

IMG_20210705_215021Zero Waste garments… I met the concept through Liz Elliot, the designer behing Thread Faction, and I was absolutely amazed… No more scraps, no more small pieces of fabric you love, left with nothing to make out of… A dream, right?!
Every single piece is cut out of a rectangle and used to create mind blowing garments! When Liz opened the tester call to sew three of her new Zero Waste patterns… I was thrilled!!!

Today, I can finally share a little of what I sewed. I’m sharing the first versions of both the ZW Jumpsuit and the ZW Basic Blouse with you today, but I will update this post with the photos of my second versions of these patterns plus the ZW Joggers soon!

The jumpsuit is basically two rectangles of fabric from which you cut everything you need. I mashed a couple of sizes because my girl’s measurements were all over the place, but it was really simple to do it. My first version was made out of two different rectangles of fabric and it turned out so pretty!I love it so much!!!

I also sewed the ZW Basic Blouse as you can see… And I think it speaks for itself! I made some ZW Joggers to go with this blouse, but my life got in the way and these last photos are still in the make. Anyway, all 3 patterns can be made both in woven and in knit! How cool is that, right?! Soooo many options…


Now…Here’s the thing: I have a copy of this pattern collection to give away!
Follow me on Instagram at @sew4five and then leave me a comment here that you did!

Here’s the rest of the blog tour that I must read all over again and go Aaaaaah and Oooooh… at everyone’s awesome makes!

4 thoughts on “2021 Zero Waste Mini Collection Blog Tour

    1. Hi Jenny! Welcome!
      I think you’re already following me on IG, but on the shop. Sew4five is the one dedicated to my sewing blog and testing.
      I love these patterns, too. I am so wishing that one day Liz makes these in ladies version!!!… No scraps, no fabric waste… Just good clever sewing!


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